We started a new cooperation with a very unique company, NerosiciliaGroup.

NeroSiciliaGroup, is a Sicilian company offering a new format that brings three exclusive brands of unique and natural products for the floor, wall and furniture sector :

NeroSicilia, Pietra Pece and MosaicoMicro.

NeroSicilia is a natural lava stone from the slopes of Mount Etna. The lava is extracted in large sized slabs, then processed and transformed with a variety of applications, various finishes, decorations, shapes and sizes. The material is then fired at high temperatures, rendering the product suitable for any setting in any commercial project which needs high level performance and technology. The decorations are screen printed using 100% recycled glass powders.

Pietra Pece, is a unique limestone from the Ragusa province in Sicily, extracted from the only existing quarry. This limestone has been impregnated with fossil oils for millennia, creating in each extracted block engraved veining and granular flecks, and many shades of colours ranging from greys to browns. Infinite sizes and finishes are produced and bespoke projects can be created.

MosaicoMicro is made by 100% recycled glass, obtained by transforming old cathode ray tube televisions and personal computer monitors into powder, which mixed with water and valuable clays is fired and shaped, thus becoming an absolutely green and zero impact material, suitable for any kind of surface, flat, curved or irregular, floor or wall, in or outdoor.

NerosiliciaGroup has been collaborating in the past years with some of the best-known interior design companies, such as Boffi, DePadova, Flos, Paola Lenti and B&B. The collaborations are extended to some of the world’s most influential architects and designers, such as Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni, Rodolfo Dordoni, Antonio Citterio and Giulio Cappellini, which have signed many of the exclusive lines of products.